August 2020 Issue - Contents

Inside Front Cover

Defeated by the Strength of St. Clare

The invaders of the city, those hostile and furious hordes who, thirsting for the blood of Christians are capable of the most monstrous crimes,...


In Expectation of a New Insight

Men praise the memory of those who have marked the past in different ways: they dedicate schools, streets or monuments to them, and they...

The Voice of the Popes

Importance of Religious Instruction

Christian teaching reveals God and His infinite perfection with far greater clarity than is possible by the human faculties alone. Only it reveals the...

Gospel Commentary

Five Loaves, Two Fish and Jesus…

In performing the miracle of the multiplication of loaves, Jesus not only desired to feed the great multitude, but also had a much higher...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

History’s Most Glorious Event, after the Ascension

During the Assumption of Our Lady, all of nature and the Angels themselves shone magnificently, reflecting God’s glory in various ways. However, none of...

Mary, God's Paradise

What Will the Reign of Mary Be Like?

Any conception of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is but a mere sketch as compared with the wonders that God will...

Nova et Vetera

Queen of the Latter Times

Our Lady’s power will especially shine forth in the latter times, when satan will lie in wait for her heel, that is, for her...

Lives of the Saints

St. Jane Frances de Chantal – Loving and Supernatural Relationship

From eternity, St. Jane de Chantal continues the mission begun on this earth together with St. Francis de Sales: to prevent the bonds of...


Model of Heroic Confidence!

To accept the divine plan with unpretentiousness and fidelity, despite every misfortune, moves the heart of God – the first to give us the...


Beauty and Faith in Brazil: From Past to Present

Present landscapes must be updated by creating “aesthetically consecrated” works in harmony with the exuberant panorama God has granted to our beloved Brazil.   If beauty...

Heralds Worldwide

“Quarantine, Faith and Charity”

At a time when countless families are experiencing difficulties, affected by consequences of the pandemic, the Heralds of the Gospel, compelled by their Faith,...

Church and World Events

Church and World Events

Benedictine nuns maintain perpetual adoration in Montmartre Initiated on August 1, 1885, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre, France,...

Story for Children

The Donkey that Wouldn’t Budge

When the door closed, Frau Frieda broke down in tears. Her last portion of barley had just been taken, the only food left to...

The Saints of Each Day

The Saints for Each Day – August

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, bishop and Doctor of the Church (†1787 Pagani - Italy). Blessed Thomas Welbourne, martyr (†1605). Lay schoolteacher hanged...

Concluding Pages

Celestial Symphony, Angelic Admiration

The unique adornment of a French Gothic chapel impels us to desire that the Angels intensify their interaction with us, and allow us to...

Back Cover

Patron Saint of Latin America

    An enormous work of evangelization had to be carried out in order to form the immense collectivity of Catholic peoples that today we call...

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