July 2021 Issue

Inside Front Cover

Prelude to the Vengeance upon the Serpent

As true Israelites, Joachim and Anne had been, in due course, cleansed of original sin and lived in the state of grace. But the...


Encounters and Clashes

S alvation history can be summarized in terms of providential encounters. Joshua, in the service of Moses from his youth (cf. Nm 11:28), received...

The Voice of the Popes

Like a Blind Man by the Roadside

Those who recognize the darkness of their blindness and understand that they lack eternal light, should cry from the depth of their hearts...

Gospel Commentary

God Always “multiplies the loaves”

In these troubled days, the scene of the multiplication of the loaves reminds us of an ever-present truth: we need only give God our...


St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church – “I have made you the fatherof...

One hundred and fifty years ago, Pius IX confirmed St. Joseph as patron of the Church. In the light of the texts compiled...


Blas de Lezo: the “Mediohombre”

A man reduced to only half of his natural movement left an unforgettable lesson for history, defeating the “invincible” English naval forces in...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

“Zelo zelatus sum”

As Dr. Plinio delved deeper into the various aspects of the Carmelite history and charism, he perceived the wisdom of the supernatural inspiration...

Lives of the Saints

St. Mary Magdalen – A Soul Transformed by Love

What did she see in Jesus’ gaze? Reprehension? Yes, but also an immense compassion. And soon her life of sin became unbearable.   “Two cities have...


Counsels from the Greatest Giants on Earth

The sequoia, the most ancient of trees on earth, conveys to us precious lessons today, which, if put into practice, will be of...

Dona Lucilia

Help of the Weak and Hope of the Sick

Dona Lucilia has helped countless souls, filling them with hope in sickness and tragedy, and giving them strength to face difficult and painful situations....

Heralds Worldwide

Heralds Worldwide

One Hundred and Four years of Fatima It is well known that devotion to the Virgin of Fatima is among those most widely promoted by...

Church and World Events

Church and World Events

Eucharistic Adoration recommenced in Diocese of Valencia After a long period of closure due to restrictions prompted by COVID-19, the eight Eucharistic Adoration chapels of...

Story for Children

The Price of a Miracle

Jesus did not cure him, but planted a seed of hope in his heart. Persevering in that hope, and trusting in that love, the...

Concluding Pages

The Throne of the King of Kings

The Saviour was born poor and was known as “the carpenter’s son”. How He lowered himself to raise us up! He seems to be...

Back Cover

The Eliatic Mark and Devotion to Mary

The entire prophetic cohort of Mount Carmel arose from Elijah the Tishbite, and was  guided after his departure for Heaven by Elisha. It would...

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