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Sanctified by Mary’s Word

    One excellent way to become acquainted with Mary’s spirit and her Immaculate Heart is to study the life of St. John the Baptist. Since...


The Eucharist, Heart of the Church

Erected by Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Church depends entirely on the life of its Divine Founder, in which humanity participates through the Sacraments....

The Voice of the Popes

The Mystery of the Holy Eucharist

All the faithful should be aware that to participate in the Eucharistic Sacrifice is their chief duty and supreme dignity, with such earnestness and...

Gospel Commentary

Grafted in Christ

Are we grafted in Christ or in the world? Where can we find peace of soul and how can we fulfil the supernatural end...

Mary, God's Paradise

 Exalted Mother of God and Advocate of Sinners

After analysing the treasures contained in the first words of the Hail Holy Queen, Msgr. João continues his comments on this famous prayer, bringing...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Christ in Us through the Holy Eucharist

In Communion, Our Lord Jesus Christ comes into contact with us in a very special way: soul to soul! As a loving Father and...

Lives of the Saints

St. Boniface of Mainz – Father of the Germanic Peoples

The little Winfrid discovered in the Benedictine cloister the secret to overcoming self, barbarism and hell. From his apostolic zeal, crowned by martyrdom, the...


Jesus Is There: Why Doubt?

Let us approach the Eucharist and ask for the Blessed Virgin’s intercession so as to adore Her Divine Son as He ought to be...

Nova et Vetera

Let Us Love the Blessed Sacrament Passionately!

Every virtue that does not become passionate will never produce something great. Until we have a burning love for Jesus in the Sacrament, we...

Story for Children

The Lion and the Ant

Lucy halted in awe before the king of the animals. His presence was imposing and majestic. Nevertheless, she decided to make a request... How...

Concluding Pages

A Palace or a Cave?

In moments of fervour, we feel that we are called to sparkle like precious gems, resplendent with sanctity. However, at a certain moment, God...

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Mother of Perpetual Help

  What is being specifically praised in the invocation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is not that the Blessed Virgin Mary helps us often,...

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