Blind Trust in Supernatural Assistance!

Assisted by the maternal help of Dona Lucilia, many have discovered that the solution to their problems is, above all, in the aid that comes from Heaven. Thus, they appeal to their beloved intercessor in the certainty of being answered.

In the course of our lives, it is not uncommon for us to encounter situations that are difficult or even almost impossible to resolve, and we are distressed to see the ineffectiveness of human solutions. On these occasions, the unfolding of events often surprises us by clearly showing how important it is for us to pin our hopes primarily on supernatural help!

In this sense, Dona Lucilia’s intercession in favour of those who seek it has proved to be a reflection of the love of God himself, who above all wants His children to have recourse to Him without ever losing confidence in His eternal designs of mercy and salvation.

This is what stands out in the facts transcribed below, reported with enormous gratitude by those who, in great or small afflictions, have felt supported by “Lucilian” goodness.

Helping a mother with the recovery of her son

Dona Lucilia never tires of doing good. One might even say that she is constantly on the lookout for someone in need that she can help. And she seems to have special concern for mothers who ask for their children…

Licia Aparecida Moreira, a resident of the city of São João do Itaperiú (Brazil), tells us that at the beginning of the month of November she received a visit in her home from a couple of missionaries from the Heralds of the Gospel. On that occasion, she related to them a terrible injury that her 23-year-old son, Leonardo de Oliveira had suffered.

Without any doubt, Dona Lucilia will continue to help in Leonardo’s complete recuperation
Leonardo de Oliveira flanked by his parents

On August 2, 2022, he was accidentally pinned to the ground by a heavy iron plate at work, fracturing two vertebrae and losing the movement of his lower limbs. Licia recounts: “He lost all coordination in his body, he could only remain seated with our help, or supported by pillows. He could not move around on his own, not even from his bed to the wheelchair.”

She expressed her concern for her son and commented to her visitors that she was thinking of seeking medical treatment in another state. The Heralds then gave her a photograph of Dona Lucilia and recommended that both mother and son make a novena to this kind lady, asking for her intercession for the young man’s recovery.

A few days later, Licia sent a message to the missionaries telling them that the same week that they had visited her, her son began to show signs of improvement: his body became firmer, he could sit up by himself and move from his bed to the wheelchair; in short, he gave the first signs that he could return to leading an independent life. And on December 20 he began to move his legs, which had been completely inert before!

Although there is still a long way to go for Leonardo to regain normal ambulation, Licia continues praying to Dona Lucilia and trusting in her intercession, because she attributes to her these promising improvements, which filled the family with hope.

It is not a mere coincidence!

Carmen Iris Urbano Pacheco, from Peru, also sends us her gratitude to Dona Lucilia, who promptly helped her with a financial problem.

Being the owner of a shop, one day she did not have enough money to pay off a debt, having only a small fraction of the amount needed. Very distressed, she immediately turned to Dona Lucilia for help: “Now what do I do? Dear mother, help me! I need to pay this bill. Help me, help me!”

The supplier to whom she owed the sum would arrive at her shop early the next morning to collect it. However, for a number of reasons, he did not appear until three o’clock in the afternoon. Carmen saw this as help from Dona Lucilia because, to her great surprise, she managed in the meantime to make enough in sales to pay off the debt.

“I don’t know how, but the fact is that Dona Lucilia helped me gather the money I needed. That day I thanked her a lot, and I will always thank her!” she declares full of gratitude. And she concludes: “When I told other people about this episode, they told me that it was not a mere coincidence.”

Currently, Carmen is having confident recourse to her intercessor to resolve a family matter: “I know that with her help we will succeed.” And in the hope that other people may benefit from this maternal support, she adds: “I know that Dona Lucilia, my dear mother, will be guiding each one of us and all those who aspire to have a heart like hers, which is an example for us to follow.”

“I feel like a beloved daughter of Dona Lucilia”

The extreme goodness of this lady was also manifested to Mrs. Fatima Clara Maria Rodriguez, from Lima, Peru, who had already been favoured by her intercession in the cure of an ocular toxoplasmosis. Having seen how much Dona Lucilia helps those who turn to her, she decided to ask her for help with another health problem.

With exceptional promptness, Dona Lucilia answered the petition made to her
Mrs. Fatima Rodriguez holding a biography of Dona Lucilia

Fatima tells us: “Some years ago, I had a car accident and was taken to the emergency room. I had no fracture, but a bad contusion on the right arm.” The pain increased as time went by, especially during the winter or when she carried any weight; she could only lift her arm up to a certain height, among other motor limitations. She was diagnosed with bursitis, accompanied by calcification in the underlying tendon. Several sessions of physiotherapy followed, which relieved the pain for a time, but former torment soon returned. Even a blanket that happened to brush her arm when she went to bed would be enough to cause excruciating pain!”

One morning, while Fatima was taking off a coat to start the household chores, she made a sudden movement with her arm and heard a snap in her shoulder, accompanied by tremendous pain. With the other hand she tried to support the affected arm and went to her room, where she waited for her husband to finish work and eat lunch, in order to take her to the emergency room. In the meantime, she entrusted herself to the divine will of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to the maternal intercession of Dona Lucilia.

As soon as she had finished her prayer, her dog approached her, looking for some attention. As she was in a lot of pain, she tried to ward it off and, in a reflexive motion, she extended her right arm. Then she realized that the pain had passed and that she had recovered full movement of the limb, a realization accompanied by great supernatural consolation.

Since that day the constant, sharp pains that she had been suffering never returned. Fatima ends her account like this: “I feel like a beloved daughter of Dona Lucilia. Sometimes I only need to look at her photograph to feel that she understands me, and then I tell her my worries.”

And Fatima is not the only one to have this conviction. In fact, all those who turn to Dona Lucilia feel the torrents of love and kindness that emanate from her, and obtain the assurance that they will never be disappointed.

Once again, she did not fail to help!

Last year, Mrs. Solange Calero Chávez, who lives in Spain, told us how Dona Lucilia had helped her sister, Yiceth, recover from complicated brain surgery. Now she relates a grace obtained through the intercession of this kind lady for her seventeen-year-old nephew Franko André Parra Flores, who lives in Peru.

“One night my sister-in-law phoned my husband, a little tearful, and told him that she had taken her son to the doctor for a problem with his hand, which was hurting a lot. He was examined and tests were done right on the spot, resulting in unexpected findings.” According to the specialist, the young man had developed carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by compression of the median nerve, one of the main nerves in the hand. The symptoms include pain, tingling, decreased sensitivity in the fingers and even decreased strength in the hand and muscle atrophy, creating difficulty in performing some movements.

Having received this news, Franko became very upset and worried about his future, as he was studying computer engineering and robotics, and his hands would be his main work tool. Countless doubts assailed the young man… How would his life be from then on? Being still so young, why did he have to deal with a problem like this? What could he do in that situation? His mother, Mrs. Rosana Flores de Parra, tried to reassure him, but in vain.

Rosana told her sister-in-law what was happening and, trying to help, the latter recommended a very effective “remedy”:

“I told her about Dona Lucilia, recalling how she had interceded for my sister. And I announced to her: ‘I am going to ask her to intercede for Franko.’ Then I began to pray before my little altar, saying: ‘Dona Lucilla, protect my nephew! As you were so caring with your son, Dr. Plinio, please take care of my nephew with your holy maternal intercession and, if possible, ask our Sacred Heart of Jesus to heal him completely.’”

At the end of the prayer, Solange telephoned her sister-in-law again, as the idea came to her of suggesting that she should seek the advice of another specialist. In the afternoon of the following day, she received a call from Rosana with the following news: “We consulted another neurologist, they re-did the tests on Franko and the doctor said that the previous diagnosis was wrong.”

The specialist then prescribed an anti-inflammatory for Franko. Based on the analysis of the results of the subsequent examinations, he gave the assurance that the young man’s pain was certainly due to a bruise suffered during some physical exercise. To clear up any doubts, Rosana went to a third doctor, who gave her the same diagnosis.

Everything indicates that from the beginning Franko was not suffering from any serious ailment, but it is significant that everything became clear after a fervent prayer to Dona Lucilia. Convinced of this, Solange said to her sister-in-law: “See the wonderful intercession of Dona Lucilla! That is why I love her so dearly and have so much faith in her. Whenever I ask her for something, she answers me.”

And so she concludes her account: “Thank you to the Heralds of the Gospel for giving me the opportunity to know about this magnificent lady, whom I never tire of thanking for what she has done for me. Every detail of her life is unique and exemplary. My family and I pray that Dona Lucilia be raised to the altars for her great love.” 


A Mutual Love in Jesus and Mary

The author had the opportunity to witness innumerable meetings of Dona Lucilia with her son, Dr. Plinio.

Their rapport was of one kind when Dr. Plinio spoke at public conferences or when gathered with his followers. On these occasions, their manner towards one another seemed ordinary. Quite different were the demonstrations of mutual affection which the author was frequently able to behold at Dona Lucilia’s house during the diabetic crisis which afflicted Dr. Plinio in 1967.

Dr. Plinio in March of 1968

During this period, Dona Lucilia would be present at the end of her son’s meals, which he took reclined on the sofa in his office due to his infirmity. Some of Dr. Plinio’s disciples also kept him company at this time. She would enter with discretion and composure, greet those present and remain in a corner, recollected, watching him.

After dessert, everyone would withdraw and the two would be left alone!

Since the housekeeper would leave the door ajar, the Author was very often able to observe through the opening a moving scene: Dona Lucilia would approach Dr. Plinio’s sofa and lean towards him; they would be at about an arm’s-length apart. He would then take her hand and kiss it repeatedly, caressing her with a certain “truculence”, patting her vigorously, and saying:

“Dear mãezinha [little mother], dear mãezinha of my heart!”

And she, in contrast, would very gently stroke his hands and only say:

Filhão [big son], beloved filhão! How much I love you, my son! Are you doing well?”

“Yes, mãezinha, and how did you sleep last night?”

“I slept very well.”

Sometimes she would put her hand on his cheek, caressing him with much affection and saying:

“Son of my heart, do you know that your mother loves you very much?”

“And does my mãezinha know how much I love her?”

In this manner they would spend ten minutes, counted by the clock, of pure affection and kindness. The two practically did not converse, but just enjoyed one another’s company. And whoever observed it saw in this effusive benevolence an extraordinary love for God.

She was to him a peerless companion in the realm of virtue; and he, for his part, recognizing her innocence, reciprocated it with extraordinary tenderness.

After the established time, the servant would enter, take the wheelchair and begin to move it, saying:

“It is time, madame. The doctors said that Dr. Plinio must rest.”

Dona Lucilia replied imperiously:

“No, no, Mirene. What is this? I don’t want to go; leave me here. I want to stay with him.”

Dr. Plinio, perceiving that the housekeeper was not going to get the better of her, would turn to her with a fond look and intervene:

“Mama, unfortunately the doctors have prescribed me rest. What can we do? With great regret I must take leave of you, there is no remedy…”

She, then, understood:

“Very well, filhão. I bid you farewell, but with pain in my heart.”

Dona Lucilia in the same year

She began to move away, while waving goodbye. Finally, when she reached the door, she kissed the palm of her hand and blew the kiss in his direction.

During this brief interval, what really enchanted the Author was to see mother and son: she, a lady of ninety-two years, and he, a gentleman of sixty, living together in total familiarity, and yet with such an extraordinary reverence for each other.

In several commentaries made at the end of his lifetime, Dr. Plinio explained that this reciprocity of affection was based on that of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady and, he could also have said, on the Holy Church.

“This was the foundation of our mutual maternal and filial love: it was a love in Jesus and Mary. That is to say, it was in accordance with the love of Jesus and Mary, a pale human imitation of the love of Jesus and Mary – who belong, in fact, to the human race: Our Lord is the God-Man and She, a human creature – being, therefore, something entirely good, holy, and as it ought to be.”

Taken, with slight adaptations, from:
CLÁ DIAS, EP, João Scognamiglio.
O dom de sabedoria na mente, vida e obra de
[The Gift of Wisdom in the Mind, Life and Work of]
Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
. Città del Vaticano-São Paulo: LEV;
Lumen Sapientiæ, 2016, v.I, p.166-170



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