Discreet, Gentle and Maternal Action

Acting as discreetly as she did in life, Dona Lucilia shows her kindness to everyone, as evidenced by the numerous reports of graces and favours sent by her devotees from various countries.

To try to count the dewdrops that God sprinkles on the face of the earth during the night would be a futile undertaking… In fact, dew is nothing more than tiny drops of water, but at dawn each day it would be possible to fill a few barrels with this precious liquid spread so silently and generously by Providence.

In a similar way, the action Dona Lucilia takes in coming to the aid of those who turn to her is so constant and, at the same time, so discreet that we could compare it to the gentle dewfall during the darkness of the night of trials and anguish.

Today we are unable to calculate the number of graces and favours obtained through her intercession. Their increase in recent months gives us the growing conviction that, however hard the nights of trials may be, it is certain that at the break of dawn the divine balm will be poured upon our souls!

In this article we have transcribed, among other testimonies, some comments made by devotees on the social media of the Heralds of the Gospel in various countries and on this magazine’s website. In this way, our readers will be able to savour something of this gentle maternal action that is gradually spreading throughout the world.

He asked for help and was immediately answered

At the beginning of August this year, Mr. Efraín Farez knocked on the door of the Heralds of the Gospel residence in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, carrying a gift of flowers. At the time, he said he wanted to thank Dona Lucilia for a grace he had received through her intercession and he mentioned that she had saved him from a problematic situation, as he later related in a letter. It all started in an unusual way…

“I own a flower shop in Cuenca, Ecuador. Next door to my business is a clothing shop where the owners use a lot of extremely noxious essences, powders and smoke. For this reason, I searched YouTube for some information about these things and came across a podcast by the Heralds of the Gospel dealing with the topic of spells, sorcery and witchcraft.

“That is how I began to follow the videos of the Heralds of the Gospel, and one of the themes was the ‘miracles’ of Dona Lucilia.

“Trusting in the intercession of this servant of God, I turned to her for help with selling my house and buying another one, so I could move with my flower shop and thus be free from all the problems I am currently facing of very low sales and the harm caused by these odours, such as vertigo, nausea, headaches and poverty.

“The surprising fact is that I have been trying to sell the house for more than fifteen years, but nobody has been interested; many people have visited it, but no one has made an offer.

“I am well aware that it is due to a favour from Dona Lucilia that, a few days after I turned to her, someone interested in buying the house came forward. The deal is done and today we are in the process of working out the finances, all of which I hope will go through successfully.

“Another favour that I continue to ask of Dona Lucilia is still pending: that she help me to buy another little house, in which I can set up my flower shop to earn the blessing of daily bread, pay off my debts and obtain prosperity for my family.”

The perfect aid for small problems

In a simple and maternal way, Dona Lucilia promptly answered the prayers of Maria Adilia Morán, who wrote to us from Nicaragua to express her thanks for two favours:

“The first grace I received through her intercession was precisely a week before the Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection on Easter. I attend the Neocatechumenal Way of conversion and we usually have Easter dinner, but I did not have a cent to pay the fee. So I started asking Dona Lucilia to intercede with the Sacred Heart of Jesus to get the small amount I needed. And the help came within a day! A young woman knocked on my door asking me to sell her a specific quantity of avocados, the price of which was exactly the amount I needed, and so I was able to take part in the Easter meal.”

Seeing that she had been so effectively helped and feeling a filial attachment to Dona Lucilia, Maria Adilia decided to place another difficulty she was facing under her patronage:

I then asked Dona Lucilia for a second grace, and she granted it today. I had been praying to recover an object of great sentimental value that certain persons had taken and did not want to give back. This situation was going to cause a great deal of trouble in my elderly father’s house. I started praying three days ago, and today the object was returned! Glory be to God and to Dona Lucilia’s intercession! Thank you so much!”

“Dona Lucilia, have pity on him!”

In the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, Dona Lucilia helped little John Raphael, a five-year-old boy, the son of Mrs. Rose Cristina and Mr. Antonio Ferreira Soares.

John Raphael in the hospital with his father

One night, a speck entered John’s eye, which he promptly closed and fell asleep. The next morning, the boy could not open his eyes, not even with his parents’ help. Unable to understand what was happening to him, they took him to the hospital. After several inconclusive tests, the doctor on duty decided to wait two days to carry out a more thorough examination.

Distraught, Rose and Antonio watched the time pass without any sign of improvement: John continued with his eyes tightly shut, bumping into furniture and the walls of the house. His condition was exacerbated by the fact that he suffered from autism and was therefore at greater risk of never opening his eyes again. “With each passing day, our anguish grew,” Antonio tells us.

On the appointed day, he took his son back to the hospital to undergo a procedure under local anaesthetic to examine the eyeballs. Despite the pain caused by the injections, John continued to keep both eyes closed. Once the examination was complete, the doctors only confirmed that there was no abnormality in the eyeballs… All that remained was to hope that the boy would open his eyes at some point.

After a few more days in this distressing situation, Rose and her husband went to the Heralds’ house in Belo Horizonte on Sunday to attend Holy Mass. At the end of the Mass, they explained John Raphael’s situation to the priest and asked him to give a blessing. As he blessed the child, the priest said this brief prayer:Dona Lucilia, have pity on him! Please do not let him remain like this. Intercede for him, my dear mother!” And he traced a cross on the little patient’s forehead.

John Raphael fully recovered

Following the blessing, the family left. After walking for about a hundred metres, Rose spotted some birds and said to her son: “John, look at the little birds near you!” On hearing this, he opened one of his eyes. Rose recounts with emotion: “It opened on the spot! It was an instant ‘miracle’!”

They were surprised, as no-one had expected their request to be answered so readily. Two days later, John Raphael managed to open the other eye and everything returned to normal, without any sequelae.

When Rose told the priest the happy news, he took the opportunity to give her some advice: “Now, in gratitude to God, aim to be a great Saint!”

Help to find a new home

With public opinion’s growing interest in learning more about Dona Lucilia’s life, more and more has been appearing about her on social media. In the comment sections of live streams and podcasts posted on YouTube, for example, we often find filial manifestations from her devotees, who ask her for help with their needs through confident prayers or report graces obtained through her intercession.

Below is a comment left by Nata on a podcast produced by the Heralds of Ecuador:

“I want to tell you that today, through the Holy Rosary and the intercession of Dona Lucilia, I received a favour that I had been requesting for a fortnight. My family was in dire need of a new place to live, because at the end of the month they would have to leave the apartment they were renting.

“Listening to the Heralds, I decided to print out a picture of Dona Lucilia and ask for her intercession in my daily Rosary so that my family could find a new place to live, as they were very anxious. Today my mom called me and said that they had already found a place. I am sure that this is due to the intercession of Dona Lucilia during the recitation of the Holy Rosary. Glory be to Christ the King! Dona Lucilia, pray for us.”

Screenshots of podcasts on Dona Lucilia available on the Heralds’ YouTube of Ecuador and Colombia; at centre, one of the comments transcribed in this article

“Now she’s my mother!”

Another testimony came to us in a comment made by Maria Garcia on a podcast produced by the Heralds of Colombia, which reached over 253,000 views in six months:

“I am writing from Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday I heard about Dona Lucilia and I asked God to give us rain, because we were in the midst of a drought… I had prayed to all the prophets and other Saints, but to no avail…

“So yesterday, when a young woman gave her testimony about Dona Lucilia, I said to myself: ‘Let’s get to work!’ I took a photo of her and asked her to be my mother. I wrote several lists of requests, including that it rain here for at least three days, so that Lake Mead would fill up, but without harming anyone. At night, I went to bed and talked to her for a while.

The very next day, my daughter said to me: ‘Mom, do you know that there is a very strong storm coming, caused by a hurricane that’s going to hit California? And it’s going to rain here for three days…’ I couldn’t believe it! I shared it with my contacts and told them what had happened… Good night and thank you so much! Now she’s my mother!”

A dream that encouraged prayer and Confession

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a great miracle to cure someone blind from birth or to raise a person from the dead. A much greater miracle, however, is to bring a soul dead through sin back to the life of grace. We have an edifying account of such a prodigy that came to us via a WhatsApp group:

“Today I come to share a testimony of Dona Lucilia’s love. In 2019 I returned to the Holy Church after spending years away. The beginning of my conversion was difficult, for reasons that would be out of place to mention here. At the time, I fell into mortal sin and became so discouraged that I didn’t even want to say a Hail Mary, let alone the Rosary.

“One night, I had a beautiful dream in which I found myself on the banks of a river with water so clear that I could easily see the bottom. The sand there was as white as snow, and resting on it were some objects of the Heralds of the Gospel, including a giant hardcover book with a frame and a photo of Dona Lucilia. In that book there were marvellous photos and writings that I tried to memorize because – at that point – I knew I was dreaming and I wouldn’t remember any of it when I woke up.

“I also saw a wooden deck and a priest from the Heralds, whom I know from Brasilia, was sitting alone on it, and next to him there was a kneeler waiting for someone to go to Confession. After that I woke up, but I awoke with a great desire to pray the Rosary and to confess! So I prayed and went to Confession! At the time I didn’t know there was a book with writings and photos of Dona Lucilia; I only found out the day of my Confession.

“I believe that dream was a huge grace of the loving care of Dona Lucilia for me! I remember it with a heart full of love. May Dona Lucilia help me to have the courage to continue on my journey to Heaven!”

Gratitude for her prompt succour

The pages of this magazine have also been an opportunity for many people to learn about Dona Lucilia’s life, as well as the testimonies of the many people she has helped from eternity. And the articles available on our website end up becoming a point of reference for those who wish to express their gratitude.

This is what happened with Rebecca Herrera, who left the following comment on one of the articles in the Spanish edition:

Screenshots of articles on Dona Lucilia published on this Magazine’s website; at center, one of the comments transcribed in this article

Before going to sleep, I prayed the Rosary, explained my needs to God, to the Virgin Mary, and asked for Dona Lucilia’s intercession.All I know about her is what I saw in a video about the healing of little Luis, a Mexican boy. But with great faith, I believe that people loved by God can intercede for us.

“My husband had a job interview today, and we’ve just received the great news that he will be starting work tomorrow. And this can only be the grace of God, Our Lady and the intercession of Dona Lucilia.

“Thank you, God, for taking care of this miserable soul and always giving my husband and my family what our souls and bodies need. And I trust that my other two miracles will also be realized soon. Amen!

“May God attend to all of you, heal, revive and renew you, and may this loving lady continue to help us restore our faith in our one true God.” 



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