Italy – On November 2, the Patriarch of Venice, Bishop Francesco Moraglia, travelled to the islet of San Michele to celebrate Mass in suffrage for the faithful departed and to bless the tombs of the cemetery. Following an already established tradition, the Heralds of the Gospel assisted him in the liturgical ceremony.

Spain – Cooperators of the Heralds of the Gospel from the city of Valencia carried the Pilgrim Image of
Our Lady of Fatima to several residences in Cartagena (left), while missionary members of the Heralds of the Gospel visited homes located in the Parish of St. Joseph in Gijón (right).

Dominican Republic – Members of the faithful from different communities gathered in the Parish of Our Lady of Evangelization to make their consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Heralds of the Gospel were invited to participate in the Mass and ceremony, presided over by Bishop Faustino Burgos, Auxiliary of Santo Domingo.

El Salvador – On November 16, construction began on the Spirituality Centre of the Heralds in San Salvador,
which will include the Church of Our Lady of Fatima and St. Paul the Apostle, and a house of formation for young people. Fr. Fernando Gioia, EP, presided over the Eucharistic celebration.

Mozambique – While the church annexed to the Heralds’ house in Matola is still under construction, the Sunday Mass and other liturgical acts are held in the chapel of the community. In the above photos, Fr. Santiago Canals, EP, presides over a wedding ceremony that was held at the end of November.

Nazaré Paulista (SP) – The feast of the parish Patroness was commemorated with a Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop Sérgio Aparecido Colombo, head of the Bragança Paulista diocese. A musical ensemble of the Heralds of the Gospel was called upon to add a note of splendour to the event.



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