Heroic and Pure Virgin

St. Joan of Arc shines in the Church’s firmament as one of the most fascinating reflections of Our Lady. The Maid of Domrémy can be counted among the last, and perhaps the most glorious, flashes of that Catholic pugnacity typical of the medieval age.

Hers is an exceptional vocation, for never had a woman been entrusted with the task of leading armies and participating in battles.

With virtuous generosity and rare courage, the young woman accepts the mission sent by Heaven and leaves her village. Among the thousand adventures of the prophetess-soldier, there are spectacular military successes, marked by miracles and epic heroism.

The figure of “La Pucelle” emerges as a divine spark capable of igniting conflagrations of grace and moving sacrosanct epics. Her intrepid and tireless pugnacity, combined with the most unblemished virginity, makes her a symbol, a light, a glory for history.



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