he Paraclete was united to Mary in such an intimate and profound way that they formed, so to speak, one single spirit; the Comforter accomplished everything through His Spouse and begot all graces within Her. But it was necessary that Our Lady be introduced, as it were, into the bosom of the Most Holy Trinity so that, from then on, She would act with the strength and intensity of the Three Divine Persons, for the benefit of the Church. This would only be possible through the Holy Spirit, since the bond between them communicated to Her all the rights of her mystical Spouse, allowing Her to operate in His name and with His very power.

The spiritual espousals effected at the Annunciation already conferred this gift to the Virgin, but, in view of Jesus’ mission, it remained hidden in her Heart. At Pentecost, the divine force pulsing there blossomed, and was spread to the Apostolic College. All of them then began to participate in the gifts, virtues and charisms of Our Lady’s soul. In short, they became a continuation of Her for the world. And, as they were reborn in the Heart of Mary by the action of the Holy Spirit, their mission was forever linked to Her.

Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, EP
Featured photo:
Pentecost, by Etiene Colaud and the Master of François de Rohan
Private Collection



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