A Universal Evil

My very dear daughters in Our Lord. […] You were born precisely for the times in which we live; your vocation is specifically the spiritual fight, with the weapons of prayer and immolation, against Satan and the present tactics of his assaults. […]

This struggle […] is no longer, as it formerly was, a partial attack against any particular point of Catholic dogma and morality, […] nor is it a random and local revolt against any one prince. In our days, it is a broad and comprehensive movement against all religious dogmas, all moral principles and every basis of religious and civil society. This is a universal evil that has spread over all peoples of the world – regardless of the differences in climate, race or government – entangling intelligences in a vast network of lies expressed in seductive words. […]

Facing the Church of Jesus Christ, almost without veils, emboldened by the calamities of the times, stands the infernal church of Satan which, for so long, has woven its conspiracies in the shadows, concealing in the deepest of secrets its abominable errors, its ignoble mysteries and its hateful designs.

It aims madly at the annihilation of God’s rights in this world, the collapse of the Church and of all the foundations of the Christian social order, the exaltation of man’s supposed innate perfection and his independence from God, the destruction of all authority, the kingdom of materialism, disorder and impiety; in short, the denial of God himself. […]

And this evil is what is commonly called, with the most diverse interpretations, the social and religious Revolution.

ARNAUD, Henri.
“Le choix de l’Absolu. Mère Marie de Jésus
Deluil-Martiny”. Marseille:
Henri Arnaud, 1990, p.105-110



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