Act of Confidence and Surrender – From You I Await the Only Good I Desire

Among the prayers that St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort recommends for growing in Marian love, this beautiful “Act of blind abandonment and loving confidence in the sweet Virgin Mary” stands out.


Apparition of the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus to St. Bernard of Clairvaux –
Parish of St. Michael, Malaucène (France)

sweet Virgin Mary, I believe so firmly that, from the height of Heaven, You watch day and night over me and all those who confide in You, I am so firmly convinced that nothing will be wanting to those who hope for everything from You, that I have resolved to live from now on without any anxiety, leaving all of my concerns entirely to your care.

Sweet Virgin Mary, You have confirmed me in the most unshakable confidence. Many thanks for such a precious grace! From now on I will be at peace, supported by your purest Heart; I will only concern myself with loving and obeying You, while You, O good Mother, will take care of my most valued interests.

Sweet Virgin Mary, among men some seek happiness in their wealth or their talents; and others still trust in the innocence of their life, the rigours of their penance, the fervour of their prayers or in the large quantity of their good works; as for me – a poor sinner, who has nothing other than my feeble love –, I hope only in You, after God, and the foundation of my hope will be my confidence in your maternal goodness.

Sweet Virgin Mary, human perversity may rob me of my reputation and the few goods I possess; illnesses may sap me of my strength and external capacity to serve You; O my tender Mother, unfortunately, I myself, through sin, may fall out of your good grace; but my loving confidence in your maternal goodness I will never lose! No, I will never lose it! I will preserve this unshakable confidence until I exhale my last breath. All the powers of hell together will not be able to rob me of it. I will die, O good Mother, repeating a thousand times your blessed name, placing all my hope in your Heart.

And why am I so sure to always confide in You, if not because You yourself, most sweet Virgin, hast taught me that You are all mercy, nothing other than mercy? Therefore, O most good and loving Mary, I am sure that I will always invoke You because You always console me; I will always thank You for You always comfort me; I will always serve You because You always help me; I will always love You because You always love me; I will always obtain everything from You, for your magnanimous love will always exceed my hope.

Yes, O sweet Virgin, it is from You alone that, despite my sins, I await the only good I desire: union with Jesus in time and eternity. I hope for it exclusively from You, for You were chosen by my divine Saviour to distribute to me every blessing and safely lead me to Him.

Yes, my Mother, it is You who, after having taught me to share the humiliations and sufferings of your Divine Son, wilt introduce me into His glory and delights so that, at your side and with You, we will praise Him and bless Him for all eternity.


ST. BERNARD Acte d’aveugle abandon et d’amoureuse confiance en la douce Vierge Marie.
In: DENIS, Gabriel. “Le Règne de Jésus par Marie”. 3.ed. Luçon: S. acteau,1873, p.242-244


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