Defeated by the Strength of St. Clare

St. Clare expelling the Saracen invaders from Assisi – St. Clare Monastery, Quito

The invaders of the city, those hostile and furious hordes who, thirsting for the blood of Christians are capable of the most monstrous crimes, rushed into the confines of San Damiano, even into the cloister of the virgins.

The hearts of those women sank within them from fear, their voices trembled with terror, and they went in tears to their mother. Although enfeebled from illness, Clare with a stout heart directed that she be led to the door and placed before the enemy, preceded by a ciborium of silver and ivory, in which was reserved the Body of the Holy of Holies.

And prostrating herself before the Lord in prayer, she said to her Christ amid tears: “Will You permit, My Lord, that Your defenceless handmaids, whom I have nourished with Your Love, be delivered into the hands of the enemy? Defend, O Lord, I beseech You, these Your servants, whom at this hour I am unable to defend.” […] In an instant, the boldness of those dogs being changed to fear, they hastily descended the walls they had scaled, overcome by the power of her prayers.


THOMAS OF CELANO. Legend of St. Clare, n.21-22


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