Heaven Is for the Violent

Since the Kingdom of Heaven is conquered by doing violence, those who think they can sanctify themselves without suffering have a mistaken idea of sanctity.

We should then ask ourselves: Why fret over such small contradictions? Why become so upset when there is something to suffer, failing to understand the reason, when it should be a joy since it serves as training for one’s profession? For a religious’ profession is to suffer and to mortify herself in all things. […]

Be very faithful in matters of self-denial, which is the most difficult, for it holds an unfathomable value: it is a precious jewel in the spiritual life. And, at times, who can comprehend the self-denial required of a soul in a small matter? Greatly love this exercise of abnegation and model your soul with the incessant mallet of mortification of the heart, so pleasing to Our Lord. […]

We hope, with God’s grace, to persevere joyfully on the cross until death, which will lead us to the possession of a much happier life than the present, for then we shall have a guarantee of no longer displeasing God with the slightest imperfection, and of loving Him more and more, for all eternity.

Make the most of time, using all that Our Lord presents to us as a means of sanctification. Even in the most trying, humiliating and difficult things, always consider the advantages they bring for the soul; rejoice, for they lead us speedily toward the only goal we set for ourselves when we became religious.

I am happy to see you carrying the cross with joy, without complaining, progressing in virtues, while understanding their worth for eternity. Consider the peace that comes from embracing the small sacrifices that arise, and on the other hand, the unrest we experience when we fail to accept them well, or when we refuse them.

“Ignatian Exercises with
St. Angela of the Cross”.



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