O blessed St. Francis de Sales, verily a most holy servant of God, my soul’s beloved and surest guide, precious gift of my God; my true father, I ask you, my sweetest teacher, and now my faithful advocate: consider our needs, and do not allow the heart that God has joined with yours to be ever separated from it. Remember your promise to me that this union would be eternal; therefore, my most venerable father, help me, through your holy intercession, to be so faithful in the observance of all that you have taught me, that I may attain that supreme unity which you so gloriously enjoy, and in this way, in the company of the glorious Virgin and the Saints, I may, with you, praise, bless and eternally love Him who is the sovereign Beloved of our souls.

I ask this not only for me, but for all the children of the Holy Church and, in particular, for the daughters of the dear congregation brought forth by you in Our Lord, they whom you remembered in your holy prayers while yet during your pilgrimage. My most holy father, you know the desires of my soul, I do not need to manifest them to you. You know how I revere you. O my father, my master and my saint, you see my tears and my sentiments, as well as the perfect confidence that I want to have in your holy protection. Remember that my God gave me to you, and you to me; I beseech you therefore: watch over me unceasingly, that I may fulfil the will of my God perfectly, with no reserves, with no reserves. Amen.

Prayer composed by St. Jane Frances de
Chantal shortly after the death
of St. Francis de Sales


In the featured photo: St. Francis de Sales gives the Rule of the Order of the Visitation to
St. Jane Frances de Chantal – Monastery of the Visitation, Paris


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