To Serve God in Every Walk of Life

Know, my daughter, that on this earth you will not have more than one good day out of a hundred bad ones, because you must be like my Son Jesus […]. Above all, you must apply yourself to fulfilling His will, while constantly offering to Him your own, in the way of life that I desire for you to follow. Therein lies your special vocation.

It is necessary that later, by closely examining your conduct, everyone may be convinced that it is possible to serve God in any state, in any walk of life, without undertaking great external mortifications, provided that one fights vigorously against one’s passions and is conformed in everything to God’s holy will. Remember that to renounce your own will and submit yourself completely to God’s is far more meritorious than to practise the most extreme corporal penances.

Words of the Blessed Virgin
to Blessed Anna Maria Taigi



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