Vocation to Universal Motherhood

Just as a small cloud that appeared on the horizon prompted Elijah to announce a torrential rain, the sight of the Magi was all that the prophetic spirit of the Mother of God needed to foresee the birth of a new Israel, no longer formed on the basis of blood ties, but rather on the far stronger bonds of faith.

She realized that her maternal Heart, devoted entirely to the care of her Divine Son, was opening itself to a multitude of new children, brothers of Jesus from both East and West who would come, enraptured by the radiance of Christ. The sword of sorrow that She had accepted with full adherence and ardour, upon piercing her soul, increased its capacity almost infinitely, allowing Her to cherish each one of these new children with unspeakable love. Thus was confirmed her vocation to universal Motherhood, the foundation of her mission as Mediatrix of all graces.



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