May your good Guardian Angel protect you. He is your guide, who leads you along the difficult paths of life. May he always keep you in the grace of Jesus, sustain you so that you do not stumble on any stone; may he keep you safe under his wings from the snares of the world, of the devil and of the flesh. Your devotion to this beneficent Angel should be great.

How consoling it is to think that we have an Angel close to us who, from our birth to the hour of death, does not abandon us for a single instant, not even when we dare to sin! This heavenly spirit guides and protects us like a friend or a brother. It is comforting also to know that he prays unceasingly for us, and presents all our good deeds and works, as well as our thoughts and desires to God, if they are pure. For the love of God, do not forget this invisible companion, always present and always ready to listen to us and, even more, to console us.

Oh, what blessed company, if we only knew how to understand him! Try to keep him before your mind’s eye, remember his presence often, thank him. Open your soul to him and entrust all your sufferings to him. Fear to offend the purity of his gaze. He is so delicate and so sensitive! Ask him for help in moments of supreme distress and you will experience his beneficial effects.

Never say you are alone in the fight against your enemies. Never say that you do not have a faithful confidant. It would be a grave offence to this heavenly messenger. 

Letter from St. Pio of Pietrelcina to Annita Rodote, 15/7/1915


In the featured photo: St. Pio of Pietrelcina surrounded by children after a reception of first Communion


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