Heralds of the Gospel Magazine, Vol. 15, nº 167, September 2021



Inside Front Cover

May Your Good Guardian Angel Protect You

May your good Guardian Angel protect you. He is your guide, who leads you along the difficult paths of life. May he always keep...


Magnanimity and Magnificence in God’s Service

Contrary to what certain sugar-coated and fainthearted concepts of religion insinuate, Our Lord Jesus Christ invites His disciples to be “the light of the...

The Voice of the Popes

Winning Souls by Preaching the Truth

To win children for the Holy Catholic Church is the most important work of charity. Since Benedict XV, the Pontiffs have published documents with...

Gospel Commentary

The Secret of True Success!

The human heart longs for self-realization in the most brilliant manner, but disordered passions fill it with vain illusions. What should we do? Jesus...


The Symptoms of Pretension – A Pandemic of Seven Thousand Years

Since man is composed of body and soul, more harmful than the evils that affect the body are those that afflict the soul. How...


The Oratorio “Ordo Virtutum” of St. Hildegard of Bingen – The Melody of Warfare!

The tremendous battle that every man must wage for his salvation is considered by some as an arduous challenge, by others as a...


Our Lady of Las Lajas – God’s Signature on Creation

Over two centuries ago, a beautiful and merciful Queen established a palace in an almost inaccessible gorge. What mysterious fascination draws thousands of pilgrims...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Heavenly Court, Archetype of Earthly Realities

To avoid sinking into despair, the human spirit needs to find repose in dignified and well-ordered things. Let us ask St. Raphael the...

Lives of the Saints

St. Ludmila of Bohemia – An Iron Will and a Maternal Heart

The patroness of the Bohemian people reflects in history the radiance of that Queen who loved the sublime designs of God to the...


Mary’s Garden, which Nothing Could Destroy

Out of the mists of the improbable, a beautiful garden sprang up in the Land of the Rising Sun, planted to give Our...


Holy… Miseries!

God does not remove miseries, but sanctifies the miserable. In this way, the work of grace shines more brightly than if it were...

Dona Lucilia

The Reward of Those Who “Cry Out Even Louder”

Dona Lucilia has overcome complicated situations and resolved problems that were unsolvable, humanly speaking, answering the prayers of all those who ask her intercession...

Heralds Worldwide

Heralds Worldwide

Italy – On July 16, the Heralds of the Gospel were invited to add a note of brilliance to the Solemn Eucharist celebrated by...

Church and World Events

Church and World Events

New priests ordained in Vietnam On July 25, thirty-four new Vietnamese priests were ordained. They will be sent as missionaries wherever the Lord calls...

Story for Children

Pursued by a Gaze

Little did Marco suspect that another plan was afoot for an altogether different “surprise attack” that would be far more successful.   It was...

Concluding Pages

Admiration: Consolation Amid Perplexities

An excellent remedy for life’s dramas, admiration raises our souls to love the benefits that the Lord has bestowed on others, which light up...

Back Cover

Two Hearts that Were But One

The attitude of Our Lady during the Passion of Our Lord was a great consolation for the Man-God: her compassion strengthened Him, her tears...

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