Heralds of the Gospel Magazine, Vol. 15, nº 168, October 2021



Inside Front Cover

Fragrance Rising to My Throne

One day in the novitiate, when the Novice Mistress sent me to work in the children’s kitchen, I was very worried, as I couldn’t...


To Obtain True Peace, Use the Best Weapon of War

When the Incarnation of the Word in the most pure womb of Mary was revealed to the Angels, Lucifer immediately rebelled, provoking the greatest...

The Voice of the Popes

Queen of the Rosary, Virgin of Victories

It has always been the praiseworthy habit of Catholics to have recourse to Mary in danger and in troublous times, and to take...

Gospel Commentary

Wisdom Grants Us the Treasures of Heaven

The attitude of the rich young man has recorded for history the great error of those who, through selfishness, despise the heavenly treasure and...


Eucharistic Spirituality

Among the elements that make up Eucharistic spirituality are charity, devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and the beauty of the Liturgy, which...


The Holy Rosary – Efficacious Weapon against God’s Enemies

Among the means within our reach for confronting the crisis of the contemporary world, the Rosary stands out for its extraordinary power in obtaining...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Devotion of the Holy Rosary – Masterpiece of Catholic Spirituality

The devotion of the Rosary has tremendous power and substance. It does not involve merely emotions, but is serious and full of reflection. Through...

Lives of the Saints

St. Bruno – Father and Founder of the Carthusians

The climate was harsh, with frequent snowfalls, and the soil poor. The woodlands, with no existing roadways, were difficult to explore. To establish a monastery there...


How to Discern a True Apostle of Jesus Christ

To be an apostle is a vocation that extends to all times and places. But how can we differentiate between the true and the...


The Reform of the Incarnation, and St. Teresa’s Kitchen

The glorious cradle of Teresa of Avila’s vocation remained oblivious to this Saint’s reform for four hundred years. The skilful intervention of one of...

Dona Lucilia

The Choice of a Vocation in God’s Hands

Even beyond Dona Lucilia’s virtuous aspirations to the lofty and sublime was the determination to fulfil God’s will, even if this meant relinquishing some...

Heralds Worldwide

Heralds Worldwide

Peru – At the invitation of the Operational Command of Ucayali, a Marian Mission was organized by the Heralds in the city of Pucallpa,...

Church and World Events

Church and World Events

Nearly Forty Thousand Pilgrims Visit Częstochowa Despite the pandemic, and fulfilling all health regulations in force, sixty-three groups of pilgrims totalling almost forty thousand people...

Story for Children

The Lioness’ Loss and the Tortoise’s Triumph

What chance does the tortoise have? Its speed is minimal, it has no one to ask for help, and it is incapable of fighting....

Concluding Pages

Courage and Purity

Just like the favourite flower of alpinists, which only germinates at altitudes that are difficult to reach, certain qualities of soul are reserved for...

Back Cover

Treasure of Meditation

I n this photograph at the age of eight, St. Therese is looking into a vague, undefined point, but with a kind of rapt,...

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