Heralds of the Gospel Magazine, Vol. 15, nº 169, November 2021



Inside Front Cover

Channel of My Mellifluous Heart

on one occasion, the Lord Jesus appeared to Gertrude and asked for her heart: “My beloved, give Me your heart.” She offered it joyfully and...


“Father, Is This Heaven?”

F rom amidst the ruins of the once invincible Roman Empire, a light flickered in the shadows of nightfall. On Christmas Eve of 498,...

The Voice of the Popes

The Catholic Church, Source of True Civilization

The more completely Christian a civilization is, the more true, more lasting and more productive of genuine fruit it will be. On the other...

Gospel Commentary

The Loftiest Horizon

Christ’s majesty coming in the clouds to judge the earth, as well as the formidable grandeur of the end of the world, banishes worldly...


Should the Church Keep Up with the Times?

The rigorous truths of religion are at variance with the spirit of the world. Should Catholics adapt to the latter’s demands, or does their...


Christian Society: A Utopia or a Viable Ideal?

Amid the hardships of this vale of tears, is it plausible to aspire to make earthly life a foretaste of heavenly Paradise? Is such...


David and Jonathan – One Friendship, One Covenant, One Kingdom

The foundations of the Kingdom of Israel, the beginning of the earthly dynasty of Our Lord Jesus Christ, were consolidated by the generous oblation...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Reflection of God in Temporal Society

To perceive the excellence of every creature and appreciate the aspect by which it reflects God is a gift that prepares us, by...

Lives of the Saints

St. Edmund – King, Virgin and Martyr!

Inflexible against the wicked and a true father to his subjects, this valiant king of unblemished purity knew how to be shrewd in fleeing...


Gonzalo Fernandes de Córdoba – The Great Captain

Along with an extraordinary laurel wreath, he would also reap the thorns of envy and ingratitude from the least expected sources.   Many figures have shone...


Instrument of Edification or Destruction!

In our daily life we seldom consider the importance of the word. However, it has the power to either contribute to the sanctification...

Dona Lucilia

Constant Manifestation of Divine Goodness

Through her maternal intercession, Dona Lucilia has helped many souls to understand the goodness of the One who, more than her, wishes to grant...

Heralds Worldwide

Heralds Worldwide

Asuncion (Paraguay) – The Heralds of the Gospel participated in the transfer of the statue of Our Lady of the Assumption, Patroness of Paraguay and...

Church and World Events

Church and World Events

Centennial of the crowning of Andorra’s Patroness  On the feast of the Nativity of Mary, the centennial of the crowning of the Virgin of...

Story for Children

God Surpasses All Our Hopes!

Doran cried out in fright. However, his last moment had not arrived as he imagined… so he renewed his surrender into God’s hands....

Concluding Pages

Light of Hope in the Resurrection

The Polish custom of illuminating tombs and adorning them with flowers on All Souls’ day demonstrates the hope of reaching Paradise. And this...

Back Cover

I Want to Live and Die on the Cross!

Holy Cross, supreme treasure which Jesus reserves for His Heart's elects. I desire to live with you and die with you, like the Bridegroom whom...

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