Heralds of the Gospel Magazine, Vol. 15, nº 170, December 2021



Inside Front Cover

Turn Confidently to Mary

While commenting on the text: “Feed my goats”, an ancient interpreter of the Song of Songs has no difficulty in applying it to Mary...


Let Us Go with the Shepherds to Meet the Shepherd

After the original fall, humanity was immersed in the darkness of iniquity. But, in sincere and upright hearts, one flame remained: the hope of...

The Voice of the Popes

In Bethlehem, Heaven and Earth Meet

This was the moment that all mankind was somehow awaiting: when God would take care of us, when the world would be saved and...

Gospel Commentary

On a Mystical Night… the Saviour of Humanity Is Born!

What must have been the supernatural ambience that enveloped the most important event in history? Let us raise our hearts beyond the human circumstances...


The Importance of a Good Examination of Conscience

Just like a garden, the spiritual life requires continual care, for defects can spring up in the most hidden recesses and in the most...


Courage According to Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – How to Be Courageous?

We should all face life’s struggles with courage; but how can we practise this virtue if we do not understand what it involves?   The events...


The Canzoniere of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori – The Most Musical of Saints!

Virtue transformed into art has an incomparable power of attraction. However, Divine Providence reserved this mission for only a few…   “Music pleases me, and in...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Inebriating Joy of Christmas

In the hope of reviving confidence in a new flourishing on earth of the sacral atmosphere of Christmases of yesteryear, Dr. Plinio recounts some...

Lives of the Saints

St. Adelaide – Empress by Grace… and Audacity!

Daughter and wife of monarchs, acclaimed as queen and empress… Her life, however, was no fairy tale, but rather a compendium of the heroism...

Mary, God's Paradise

An Invitation to Confidence!

In the face of the perplexities that today’s decadent world arouses in the hearts of faithful Catholics, an invitation to heroic confidence points the...


Posture and Nobility in Face of Hardships!

Since man is composed of body and soul, whatever happens in his physical life has repercussions in his spiritual life, and vice-versa. It is...

Dona Lucilia

Resigned to God’s Will

Virtue grows in souls in proportion to the magnitude of the obstacles that they face. So it was with Dona Lucilia, for whom an...

Heralds Worldwide

Heralds Worldwide

More than 40 Thousand Families Make Their Consecration to Mary On the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, celebrated on September 8, more than 40...

Church and World Events

Church and World Events

Sword from the time of the Crusades found intact On the Mediterranean coast of Haifa, near Mount Carmel, a sword more than a metre long...

Story for Children

In Search of the Lost Sheep

Bethel had disappeared! As Hannah went to get help, she heard pipes and drums playing, and voices that rang out in jubilation. What might...

Concluding Pages

On the Right or Left of Jesus?

Facing the grave reality of the Judgement, into which category of souls do you, dear reader, fall? Are you one of the good sheep,...

Back Cover

He Surrounded the Church with Splendour

Having lived during the reign of Constantine, St. Sylvester was the Pope who presided over the transformation resulting from the fact that the Church...

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